What do I use for my illustrations?

You ask me so many questions, so I decided that showing you my materials and important stuffs in illustraiting would be great beginning here.

Everything is my own opinions and things that I see
useful- those are no rules, that you have to use.
Fashion illustration is a kind of illustration for which we can use
all media- we can mix them together and use digital technique. In one
word: everything is permitted.

Basic tools that I use:
-paper which always has to be suitable for technique and media which
we use, if we use alcohol markers we need paper for markers, if
watercolors tha we need paper for watercolors. Those are common konown
rules but sometimes we forget about that and we think that
illustration is bad because of our abilities for example when we use
copics on watercolor paper we waste ink, because paper absorbs it and
it can also make blot. I usually use paper for markers from canson and
for watercolors fabriano paper. I have many sketchbooks for example
sesebook which is typical for markers and two sketchbooks hahnemühle. I
think that you should test by yourself and find something suitable for
you. I like snow white, plain paper.

– pencils- I use them for first sketches. Usually those are automatic
pencils, and if not then from HB to 6H. I like them because I often
use rubber and I don’t want it to be seen from under watercolors and

– black fineliners from 0.05 to 3 mm and thicker black markers or
lately my favourite brush pen from pentel. I use them mostly for
marking contours and sometimes also for whole drawing.

– markers are one from my favourite theme and media which I use. I
have markers from copic and promarker. There are also many cheaper
alcohol markers, which give similiar effects.

– I use crayons mostly for impregnation for markers, I rarely draw
only with crayons, sometimes I make sketches with them. I have koh i
noor mondeluz watercolors and polycolors.

– watercolors paints is another broad theme. My favourite watercolors
are gansai tambi, but I like w&n travel set very much. Paints
watercolors give very interesting capabilities and effects. You can
experiment with them and I think that that’s the best about them. I
like soft watercolor effect.

Those are things that I use in shortcut 🙂

If you have any questions, please ask them in comments and chech out
my instagram where you can always see new illustrations.

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