My favourite art supplies 2017

In 2016 i war soo cautious with art supplies and my illustrations style.

In last year I tried so many different things, acryl, gouache,
watercolor ,markers ,digital painting…

Now I’m confident whit all that I create.


1.Pentel Pocket Brush-pen (GFKP) with refills

The brush is really soft and it’s ink is deep black. I can create at
the same time tiny lines and large ones.

It is perfect for fashion illustration and lettering .


2.Jaxon Aquarelle waxpastelle

I have set of 12 and I want more! I love mixing it with water and
watercolors ! This biggest advantage are beautiful deep pigment


3.SENNELIER „La petite Aquarelle“ travel set

I’m big friend of little travel Aquarell set in plastic box. This is
perfect , good pigmentation, basics colors. All what I want !


4.Boesner Le Grand Bloc / Aquarellblock (24cmx32cm-100 pages)

Extra white- it’s perfect for scanning. I use it for all my
techniques aquarell,inks,markers… My favourite paper !


5.IPad Pro 12´9

This is my last year Christmas gift and I can’t imagine illustrating without it.

I use adobe draw and adobe sketch , this helps me to be faster and mobile.

And all is connected with my iMac.


This year was good but as an artist I set new challenges for myself.
The challenge for 2018 is drawing without a sketch!

I have also big list with new art supplies for testing.

Which art supply is your favourite ?

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